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Autism Hour


Due to 64% of autistic individuals avoiding the shops, the NAS are campaigning for all businesses to run an autism hour. This is 60 minutes of reduced sensory stimulus (music, noise and lighting) and increased awarness of autism for both customers and staff! Find out how you and your workplace can contribute to a more autism-friendly world!




World Autism Awareness Week


Running up to World Autism Awarness Day, all around the world, schools, workplaces and individuals are holding activities to raise awareness of, and fundraise for, autism! From night walks and sponsored runs, to guides on how you can fundraise - lthere's so many ways you can get involved!





We can often be found fundraising in the Asda at West Rivergate Shopping Centre & at Serpentine Green shopping Centre in Hampton, but keep checking back to find out what new and exciting events we have planned!


If you would like to contribute to the NAS and everyone's efforts in raising awarness and campaigning, all donations are welcome and very much appreciated. Thank you!



Adult Social Befriending Group


For autistic adults and anyone wanting to come along as support, this is a chance to access information and advice as well as a place for you to meet, socialise and exchange ideas. They'll be resfreshments and games available at these free, monthly sessions held in the PCVS Community Space  from 12:00-14:00!


Upcoming 2020 Dates:  7th Aug, 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec  



For more information, see our poster





Autism-friendly Cinema


The Showcase proudly present autism-friendly screenings meaning low lights, lowered volume and no trailers. They also will allow you to bring your own food and drink and move around the cinema if you like. To see what's being shown on Showcase Cinema.

Alpha Autism Care


A service available to the whole of Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, for people who have autism in need of a specialist care provider.


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Adult Social Events Group


For Autistic adults and anyone wanting to come along for support. New regular monthly group organised by NAS Peterborugh  Branch with different activities around Cambidgeshire each month. Booking is required and there is a cost payed for by each individual member


Upcoming 2019 dates:   TBC more dates to be confirmed soon . see our poster with dates and times on click here.  


For more information and activity for this month which will be available soon.



For more information and activity for next month, see or poster which is availbe soon.


Due to low number of volunteers the future NAS Adult Social Events Group maybe cancelled but we will try our best to continue with the NAS Adult Social Events Group.


To book a place for NAS Adult Social Events Group please contact us on our facebook page or email us at [email protected]


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